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the  owner

Melisa Nichole BSN-RN

In 2019, At 23 Years old, Melisa was working Full- Time as a Surgical- Trauma RN while deciding to take a leap of faith and open her own business to provide Microblading & Shading PMU Services.  While working full- time at the hospital, she worked on her days off to build her portfolio and excell in the PMU industry.

In 2021, She transitioned officially from Full- Time Nurse to Full- Time Business Owner and Brow Artist while obtaining a total of 12 Permanent Makeup Certifications from the Top Artist’s in the Industry.

In 2022, Melisa Launced Eudora Academy to teach other women how to build their own business providing quality permanent eyebrow services.

Currently, Eudora focuses on providing women and men with the most natural hyper-relaistic results to enahnce confidence and natural beauty.

Eudora Academy trains and certifies students on Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing techniques, while focusing on how to gain clients and sales, develop and run a successful business while having more freedom with  finances and time. Melisa Truly loves teaching and sharing her 4+ years of knowledge in the PMU Industry.

Melisa  Nichole