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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Microblading vs. Shading vs. Nano Strokes?

Microblading is manual cutting of the skin to create hair -like lines.

Shading is airy dots (pixels) very close together to look like makeup, made with a tattoo machine.

Nano lines are made with a tattoo machine, the same as shading, however the technique creates lines instead of pixels.

How long does each method last?
Microblading usually lasts the least amount of time, on average, 1-2 years before requiring an additional touch-up.

Shading and Nano strokes (anything made with a machine) will last longer, on average, 2-4 years before requiring a touch up.

What is a touch up and when do I need one?

A touch up is an additional session going over previous work that is already healed in the skin. Touch up sessions should be done with the original artist if possible.

A complimentary 6-12 week touch up is required where any ink that healed light or fell out is replaced. It is a perfecting session.

Usually one additional touch up every 1-2 years is needed for combination / oily / sensitive skin. For normal to dry skin, every 2-4 years is average.

How long is the healing process?

The skin is healed in 10-14 days.

The healing process is much like a normal cut or wound, it can be tender and inflamed at first, then slowly dries out and forms a light scab/crust. The scab lightly peels off on its own, the skin underneath often looks light and pink and the ink “disappears”.

The full, healed result will be prominent to the eye within 3-4 weeks. The ink resurfaces past the new layer of skin and becomes fully visible at this time.

What are the major rules for Pre-Care?

Avoid blood thinning agents (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish oil, NSAIDS, Alcohol, etc) for 48 hours

Avoid Nicotine and Caffeine the day of

Avoid plucking/ waxing/ threading the brows 7 days prior

Avoid all harsh skin care products (Retinol, Vitamin C, Acids, Acne Tx) for 14 days

Avoid any Antibiotics / Steroids : Topical & Oral for 14 days

Ensure there are no sunburn, lesions, or open cuts in the brow area

What are the major rules for healing aftercare? (10-14 days Post Procedure)

Avoid any & all sweating on the face

Avoid high humidity areas, steam, and moisture

Avoid blood thinners (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Alcohol, Fish Oil, etc.) for 48 hours

Avoid the sun (Wear a hat)

Avoid sleeping on the brow area or touching the brows

Avoid all makeup and skin care products in the brow area

Avoid all harsh skin care products on the face entirely (Retinol, Vitamin C, Acids, Acne Tx)

Is it painful? What numbing is used?

Barely! When referring to the pain scale, (0-10), client’s report this procedure being about a 1 or 2. This indicates minimal pain and discomfort. It feels like plucking if anything at all.

Lidocaine 5% topical cream is applied generously before starting the procedure.

Once the procedure is started and the skin is open, liquid Lidocaine & Epinephrine mix is applied for complete numbing effects.

What is done with the natural brow hair? What if I don't have any brow hair?

The natural eyebrow hair is kept unless it is completely outside of the desired shape agreed upon with the artist and client. Any hair taken away will be approved by the client and will be as minimal as possible. We blend our work with the natural flow of the original brow hair.

Brow hair is not needed to have this procedure done! This procedure was created for clients who lack brow hair, have minimal hair, or moderate hair and just desire more of a crisp shape.

The Pricing is more than I expected, are there resources to help?

We completely understand needing financial assistance to book our procedures. 

We believe that high quality, beautiful brows should be affordable to everyone. 

We price based on the market and the extensive training and continued education posessed by the Artist. 

We have the following options available: 

Cherry Financing 0% interest Option 

Pay Pal Pal later or 0% 6 Month Financing Option